Why is our Blonde called a ‘Blonde’?


Right now, it feels like we’re in a pretty serious build-up phase.

We’re keenly watching and nurturing our first two ferments, endlessly chasing up various packaging suppliers, booking meetings with Council departments we didn’t even know existed and basically trying to figure out how we get this liquid that we’ve worked so hard on out into the world, so we can then go back and make more.

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But, to begin with…

We’ve had a few people ask, Why is our Blonde called a ‘Blonde’?, so I thought I’d have a quick crack at explaining how we landed on this name.

why is our blonde called a blonde?

To be honest, in a way I think we’re trying to be like our heroes… aren’t we all?

We’ve all been huge fans of Belgian beer for a long time and when we think of great Belgian Beer two things spring to mind, Ingredient Focus and Simplicity.

These two things seem to apply to both the approach in creating a beer and also their straight forward naming conventions.

As an example, in the Trappist tradition a small beer is called an Enkel (Single) and when a beer is brewed with roughly twice the malt it becomes a Dubbel (Double), the next step up is a Tripel (Triple), I’m pretty sure you can figure out what the next step is…

When we were trialling and crafting our Blonde, rather than focusing on the technicalities of making it to a ‘style’ we decided we wanted it to be blonde in colour and have a fresh, light balance of some of our favourite hop combinations and pale Australian malts.

So, like our heroes we kept it simple and that’s all we worried about.

During the process, it just became known as ‘the Blonde’, so that’s what it stayed. Now I can’t really imagine calling it anything else.