Big hops, subtle malt

This beer is a celebration of some of our favourite, big, juicy hops from around the world. Like a great funk tune, it’s a straight up ‘one chord groove’ of bready malt with a punchy horn section melody of fruit and pine hops dancing over the top.


The Neurotic Extrovert

This large, friendly, loud mouthed individual can be a bit confronting if you haven’t met before and usually takes a little getting used to.

Their abundant energy, their inability to regulate the volume of their voice and the occasional failure to control which words make it directly from their brain to their mouth make them much like the family Labrador, upbeat and lovable but can easily knock you over if you’re not ready for the sudden outbursts of enthusiasm.

They may accidentally let their big mouth run away with them and tread on a few toes in the process but underneath they really just want everyone to have a good time and desperately wants to be everyone’s mate.


  • ABV:6.6%
  • IBU:50
  • EBC:12
  • ˚P:2.5