Small yet feisty, size doesn’t matter when you’re bright, refreshing and full of character

Originally brewed for the 2018 Healesville Music Festival, Nipper was created to tackle the challenge of brewing a beer that is light in alcohol but still satisfying and full of flavour.

The large percentage of Wheat Malt gives a rounder mouth-feel than generally found in low abv beers and the Golden Naked Oats contribute a subtle berry flavour. This is then reinforced with a generous addition of Czech Saaz, as well as a touch of US Cascade and Galaxy for apricot and citrus aromas.

Named after Aaron’s Grandfather, this beer is small but refuses to accept it.


This is someone who is the youngest member of the family and also the smallest in stature, although they would certainly never admit it. They’re the one who is always confidently running alongside the older siblings and demonstrating that they do anything the others can. 

They can be just as funny, involved in all the conversations, have all the best stories and stay out just as late as their mates. They’re just as valuable part of the group as the older kids, just a bit smaller.


  • ABV:2.9%
  • IBU:18
  • EBC:11
  • ˚P:2.7