Watts River Blonde


Easy drinking blonde ale. Light malts, floral hops.

This light coloured blonde ale utilises a blend of pale Australian malts as well as hops from three continents to create a bright, clear flavour and aroma profile that makes it is easy to enjoy.


The Stable Extrovert

When you walk into a room and at first don’t recognise anyone, this is the friend who spots you through the crowd, greets you openly and makes you feel like you’ve been there all along. They’re the one who goes that extra mile to initiate conversation, makes a point of introducing themselves when you’ve brought friends, and always manages to have an engaging but light-hearted story to share.

Their knack of not taking any situation too seriously and being able to easily fit into any social setting just makes them an easy person to be around and you look forward to catching up whenever the occasion arises.


  • ABV:4.7%
  • IBU:27
  • EBC:8
  • ˚P:2.0