River Session Pale Ale

Pale Malts and Fresh Fruity Hops

This Pale Ale features a blend of hops from the US and NZ to create a fresh fruit/citrus peel flavour and aroma. We use a blend of pale Australian grown malts to craft a dry and sessionable beer that is still full of character, perfect for enjoying by the river or wherever you get together with friends.


This is the mate who knows everyone in the group, although they may not know each other quite so well. While never being the focal point, they are the social conduit that initiates BBQ’s, outings and chances for the group to ‘catch up’ and spend time together. Equally happy to chat to any of the group, possibly on a lazy afternoon, down by the river…


  • ABV:5.0%
  • IBU:30
  • EBC:13
  • ˚P:2.5