Dry roasty stout

A dark, dry, roasty stout built on flavours of coffee and dark chocolate as well as a tiny hint of smoke drifting around in the background. Perfect to savour by yourself or share with an old mate.


The Stable Introvert

This is someone you would refer to as “an old friend”. The kind of person who always feels comfortable to hang out with but you can’t exactly explain why. You can’t even remember how you became friends, you just know that when you don’t feel like hanging out with the ‘bright and bubbly chit chat’ crowd they’re exactly what you need.

They’re never the loudest voice in the room and prefer to choose their words carefully before speaking, sometimes slipping in a hint of dry, and at times cynical, wit that can take you a second to catch up to.

You can go long stretches without seeing one another but when you do, you always seem to naturally take up right where you left off.


  • ABV:6.0%
  • IBU:32
  • EBC:200
  • ˚P:2.6