Hard Road Brewing + Watts River Brewing Collaboration Doppelbock – 6-pack


In collaboration with our mates at Hard Road Brewing, we have put together a 6-pack containing our two interpretations of a classic Doppelbock style.
Both beers have been fermented with the same yeast to showcase how similar, and also how different, two beers of the same style can be as a result of each brewer’s recipe choices, techniques and individual equipment.


Hard Road Brewing – Friar’s Luck – 6.9%abv

It feels like we could all use some Friar’s Luck in these uncertain times! Intensely malty aroma with some toasty, fruity notes, and alcohol presence. The flavour is rich and malty, with toasty notes and perceptible alcoholic strength. With a large, creamy, persistent off-white head.


Watts River Brewing – Doppelbock – 6.8%abv

Just as the 17th Century Paulaner Monks brewed their Doppelbock to help endure the difficult restrictions during the Lenten season, so too have we joined forces with the legends at Hard Road Brewing to create two examples of the style. Dark, rich, malty and above all drinkable these beers will ease lockdown abstinence.


Includes 3 x Hard Road Brewing – Friar’s Luck (375ml cans) and 3 x Watts River Brewing Doppelbock (330ml bottles)

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Dimensions 12.5 × 19 × 23 cm


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