Belgian Style Release

Available at the Brewery, Friday 5 May 2023

Belgian Bier Release

We’re incredibly excited to share our four new Belgian inspired beers. We love making these beers and we hope you’ll love drinking them.

All four beers will be fresh on tap at the brewery from Friday, 5 May 2023.

Order a pint, a serve of Belgian Fries and kick back to enjoy the tunes of James Mark this Friday.

Or you can pre-order online now, or pick up six packs or cases from the brewery, anytime from 5 May.

With only 20 cases packaged of each beer, they won’t be available for long.

Take a journey in flavour with us at Watts River Brewing this May.

Belgian Style Beers

Watts 1

Watts River 1 , Belgian Style Blonde This Belgian Style Blonde is elegant with a light malt profile and touch of hops for a fruity and dry, refreshing ale. Enjoy with mild cheeses, chicken or salmon dishes.

Watts 2

Watts River 2 , Belgian Style Dubbel – This brown ale has a full body and strong malty taste. Inspired by the Belgian Dubbel, the Watts River 2 is rich, smooth and voluptuous, with hints of caramel and cocoa.

Tripel Style Beer

Watts River 3, Belgian Style Tripel – A complex, spicy and fruity Tripel beer is golden in colour and beautifully aromatic. If you’re a fan of Moules Frites (mussels in broth with french fries) try it next time with a bottle of the Watts River 3 & you’ll be quietly satisfied.

Watts 4

Watts River 4, Belgian Style Quadrupel – A big, rich beer which will warm your heart this winter. Like the style created by Trappist monks in Belgium, the Watts River Quad is balancedand more enjoyable when shared. You don’t need food to enjoy this but a cheese board won’t go astray.

To find out more about our four new Belgian Style Beers and your options to buy, go to the Watts River Brewing Shop or pop by the Brewery to try the beers on tap and talk to our team about each style to discover your favourite this May.